OUR NEW GENERATION of leaders deserves a new kind of professional development.

Today's workplace is more interactive, multi-generational and fast-paced than any in history. It's an environment where constant change is the new norm and demands for "instant value" put extra pressure on employees and leaders to succeed.

Your organization's success in this new environment hinges on your ability to support and develop your employees, giving them the training and tools they need to excel. "One-kind-fits-all" coaching and leadership training programs can't—and don't—account for the reality of today's workplace or the needs of today's workers. As a result, the value and success of these traditional methods is limited.

That's why Alliance offers a fresh approach to leadership development. Our innovative executive coaching programs help senior leaders reach their performance and business impact goals. And our training programs have been specifically designed to unleash the potential of your company's employees through:


Because young workers learn best through close interaction with their peers, we've built our programs around highly collaborative, discussion-based learning that emphasizes dynamic participation.


Our "sound bite" program modules are designed for the faster pace and communication style that are so much a part of the new workplace.


Today's workforce demands personal and organizational transparency—it's a core value as well as a key retention factor. By fostering a learning environment that's both open and authentic, our programs help you build a more transparent culture.


Through powerful questions and active listening, our unique coach-approach to training maximizes engagement by challenging participants to "look inside" to reach their own answers. As a result, they learn and retain more.